Understanding How Long it Takes to Detect Cannabis in your System

You may be interested in knowing how long marijuana will stay in the system if you are the one who undergoes random drug testing as a condition of employment. Others who may be interested are on parole and are subject to court-ordered testing as a condition of their release.

Although THC or cannabis is generally in the bloodstream within 20 minutes, it will take much longer to remove entirely. It could mean a positive drug test result within two weeks of use. However, it could be fixed in just 20 hours. It all depends on the type of THC metabolites it contains. There are many varieties of marijuana at Deerfield Cannabis Dispensary, and some are more powerful than others.

A person who uses marijuana regularly may find that their system eliminates it in 30 days without using it. For those who consume large amounts of marijuana regularly, the system cannot consume for up to 90 days to avoid detecting traces of marijuana. You can buy home test kits that will show you if something else is detectable or not. When it comes to a person needing the positive drug result, this may be an excellent way to determine what to expect.

Metabolic rate

Chances are you know someone who eats all the time but is thin and eats little but is overweight. The higher your metabolism, the faster all traces of marijuana are from the body. However, if you have a fast metabolism, it can also mean that your marijuana use will not be as effective and long-lasting as it often leads to more use of it, which slows down its removal from the system.

Variables to consider

However, many variables affect how long marijuana stays in the system. These variables mean that the time frame will vary from person to person. These variables include:

  • How much marijuana is consumed
  • How often is marijuana used?
  • The power of used marijuana
  • Marijuana versus ingested smoked
  • Weight
  • How long has a person been using marijuana?
  • Any other substance ingested with marijuana (medications, illegal drugs, alcohol, etc.)
  • Level of physical activity
  • The amount of water consumed daily.

Different test methods will also influence the duration of detection of THC metabolites and how quickly they can be detected. In some industries, such as the commercial driving industry under the saliva drug testing has begun or maybe on the way soon. THC, or metabolites of cannabis, can be detected in so-called “oral fluids” in a matter of minutes by analyzing saliva. It takes two to five hours in the urine before THC can be seen.

At the end

It is valuable when testing “for cause” or “after an accident.” Using a urine sample, the substance can be detected within a week or even longer.