Translation Agency Vs Software Tools For Translation

In the age of technology, there is a software tool for everything – managing tasks, playing music, streaming movies, and so on. And, translation is not an exception. It is not uncommon to see travel vloggers bravely exploring new countries as they are aware that they can rely on translation tools to communicate with the locals. Also, the fact that these are free tools adds to the excitement of the travellers.

So, in today, digital era, why should people spend money on hiring a translation agency?

The need for a translation agency

Free translation tools are perhaps excellent for travellers who want to put across their queries in the local language. However, the applications of translation services span much wider. Here are some reasons why a translation company is much needed even when there are tools for the same.

  • Instances where the translation is not enough

While companies build their marketing campaigns, simply translating the advertisement to different languages may not be enough. For the ad campaign to strike a chord with the locals, a deeper understanding of the local culture is needed. Then, the marketing team should make changes to give the ad a true local flavour. A translation service will be of help in such instances.

  • Data security

Sometimes, businesses may need to translate their documents that contain sensitive data. Apart from the accuracy of the translation, the security of the data is also in question. Free translation tools do not sign any non-disclosure agreements with the clients. Thus, there is no reason to believe that the data translated using the tool is kept confidential.

Other uses

Translation agencies have experts in multiple languages who can offer additional services such as editing and proofreading. These will be of much help, especially when lengthy documents are involved.