More About AIC Men’s Ice Hockey Services

The AIC Men’s Hockey Services team provides comprehensive services to players in the Greater Toronto Area. We focus on providing a well-rounded experience for people who want to be coached and trained by professional coaches and also want to play in tournaments against other competitive teams.

Some clinics are designed specifically with girls in mind, while we also offer private lessons for any player looking to improve their game.

We are part of Canadian Elite Ice Hockey League.

The AIC Springfield Services team comprises well-known coaches, community leaders, and players. Some of these coaches are alumni of the AIC Men’s Hockey team, while others have been involved with hockey for decades. Their experience in different areas of hockey has enabled them to provide lessons from their own perspective and passion for the game.

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AIC Men’s Hockey Services offers Club Teams, Private Lessons, and Clinics as a service to players in the Greater Toronto Area.

Competitive and recreational programs are available for players of all levels. Please visit our Team Registration Page for more details.

For a list of private lesson and clinic dates, please visit our Clinic/Lesson Dates Calendar.

Men's Ice Hockey Services

The AIC Men’s Hockey Services team has served in the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. We have attended over 20 tournaments, including the Las Vegas Classic and the Toronto Beaches Tournament. We also have hosted 14 tournaments, including the AIC Toronto Winter Classic. We have worked with a plethora of players of all categories and ages.

The AIC Men’s Hockey Services team has earned numerous Top 10 rankings in the GTA over their years in operation.

The AIC Men’s Hockey Services team has men’s, women’s, and junior teams and coaches to serve your needs.

Registration for all teams is exclusive to individuals that live in the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact us for more details.

AIC Men’s Hockey Services does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of gender, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation.

AIC Men’s Hockey Services is proud to support You Can Play! You Can Play! is an organization that supports the inclusion of all athletes, coaches, and fans without regard to sexual orientation and gender identity.