Know The Difference Between Vape Pen and Other Smoking Devices?

These days smoking has become very common among teenagers and youth. Nine out of ten teenagers are indulged in drinking and smoking. We would not say things like unethical and against our morals because it is an individual’s choice. Everyone has the right todrink and eat according to their choices. Also, everyone is aware of the consequences of what they are doing. So we are no one to stop them. They know precisely what is good for them and what is bad.

What are your opinions about hookahs, cigarettes, and vape pens?

So, you must have been watched children and people smoking hookahs, cigarettes, and a vape pen. So, the cigarette is a thing that you all have indeed seen once in your life for sure. Every second person you meet smokes these days. There are so many brands that sell cigarettes. It has been mentioned on the cigarette packet that it is dangerous to health, but still, people smoke cigarettes. And the government is also selling it. Why? And the answer is that they get more money through these businesses.

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What does a vape pen look like?

So, A vape pen is a device or pen which contains flavouredvapour, which we inhale and exhale and feel please after the nicotine consumption. It is a kind of pen that works and is run by batteries that people use to inhale andexhale that possess flavours, nicotine, and many other chemicals.

 Is it okay to smoke?

First things first, everybody knows their good and bad. So, each hasa different definition of good and bad. Few very things exist which do not have a bad impact on our health. So, they could decide on their own what to do. Everyone knows its consequences. You only feel trippy and giddy for some time, but it feels like you’re in a different world. All the girls and boys do smoke. But that didn’t validate these habits, which is not good at all. If there are people who like smoking, then some people don’t like these kinds of things.