Hire cheap car transport to Chonburi

“freight forwarding” which has been at the heart of any kind of business having both online as well as offline trading especially if we talk about the past 4-5 years ago where good logistics management has always been a key factor in the growth of any business. hence there are several transport companies and also service providers of cargo trucks. There is also a growing number of retail businesses that cater to the needs of everybody’s business as well as local users. Now you can easily hire a รถรับจ้าง at deliveree which is a private transport company business.

We provide you with on-demand transportation services at several places such as Bangkok, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, prachinburi, Saraburi, Nakhonnayok, Rayong, as well in Ayudhaya in order to support transportation needs in the eastern region, especially if we talk about Chonburi which is basically considered as the main industrial area of Thailand. Customers who are willing to hire such vehicles like a รถรับจ้าง can make calls at Chonburi cargo Bangkok, Chonburi or from Chonburi to other places across the whole country. Our prices start at only 125 baht for hiring a sedan and about 275 baht for any pickup truck. Also, other types of vehicles that are available are pickup trucks, solid vans, 6 wheel vehicles, and also a 10-wheel vehicle.

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Why do you need to use delivery services in Chonburi withdeliveree?

  1. Any number of reservations can be made any time in a day, and anywhere in the 24 hours of a day as there are many types of services that are available to meet the needs of our users.
  2. Our price is very transparent and also reliable.
  3. We also provide you with extra services and give you a product warranty up to 20,000 baht.
  4. Real-time tracking of shipments and also customer service is always ready to help.