Great Movies Every Film Student/Lover Must Watch

There are crazy movie lovers worldwide whose target is to watch the first shows of movies that are going to get released. But with the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, people were forced to stay inside. The world came to a halt with the emergence of the virus; the humans were stuck indoors, schools, colleges offices were closed, and so were the cinema halls. So, going to the halls to watch the recently released movies could not even be thought of. But, COVID 19 could not stop the film industry, and hence, the latest movies were released even during that serious crisis because of some of the best OTT platforms like Aha.

Aha is a Telugu OTT platform subscribing to which you will get to watch the latest Telugu shows online, movies. The Aha OTT app is a gift of modern technology, which provides Telugu movie lovers to watch their favourite old and newly released movies in their own free time. There are various new features, like watch movies offline by downloading them from before, watch other language movies in the Telugu language, etc., that made this app more popular. 

Movies that every student or lover must watch on Aha 

Colour Photo

Colour photo is a Telugu language Romantic movie that premiered on the Aha app for the first time on 23rd October 2020. Debutant Sandeep Raj has directed the movie, and the co-producers of the movie are Sai Rajesh Neelam and Benny Muppaneni. The movie released under the banner of Amrutha Productions and Loukya Entertainments. Venkat R Shakamuri has handled the movie’s cinematography, and KaalaBhairava gave the soundtracks of the movie. It is a 142 mins movie starring Suhas in the lead role with other supporting actors, Chandini Chowdhury, Sunil and HarshaChemudu.

The story is based on two college-going sweethearts named Kannayya (Suhas) and Deepti (Chandini Chowdhury). Deepti and Kannayya belonged from a small town in Andhra Pradesh, went to the same engineering college, and fell. Deepti’s brother Rama Raju (Sunil) is a cop and believes that the colour of the skin matters a lot, and he will not let his sister marry a dark-skinned man. So, the racist brother tries hard to separate the couple, and the rest of the movie is based on their struggles. 

In the end

When the entire nation was stuck indoors, it was through the famous Telugu OTT platform named Aha that this movie was being released. Besides this, various other good movies were released on the Aha OTT platform during the pandemic situation. So, if you get a simple subscription, you will be able to watch old and just released Telugu full movies online from your mobile or another favourite gadget. So, to enjoy the best movies in the Telugu language, get the Aha OTT platform as soon as possible.