5 things you need to know about Freight Forwarding

The international shipping of goods from one place to another is carried out by freight forwarders. They act as intermediaries between the business that hires them and the transportation service. The perusahaan ekspedisi carries out the process by air freight, ocean freight, railway freight and road freight.

Freight forwarding can really sound tedious and daunting however, these facts can help you comprehend it better.


The shipping of goods from the source to the destination is handled with expertise by freight forwarders. They have the required knowledge about supply chain and all elements from packaging to the customs procedure. The process of import and export of goods is made extremely easy and smooth by freight forwarders.


Freight forwarders provide a number of various services all pertaining to shipping of goods. A few of them are

  • International import and export documentation.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Insurance etc.

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Beneficial to businesses  

Shipping of goods can be a time consuming process however freight forwarders make sure you save time. They are really punctual and make sure the job is done on time. It is also cost effective. By using their knowledge and expertise businesses can put in their time and money to other important aspects of the business and be rest assured that shipping will be handled professionally by freight forwarders.

Unforeseen circumstances  

There can be delays in shipping however freight forwarders are not responsible for the delay. The delays could be owing to various other reasons like bad weather, route changes and port delays. However the freight forwarders try their best to resolve these issues efficiently.

Relationship with the freight forwarder 

It is crucial to maintain a relationship that is trustworthy and reliable with freight forwarders. You must make sure your business chooses freight forwarders with impeccable record to experience hase free shipping of goods.